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Wireless Router Buying Guide

Wireless router is primarily used in order to route the traffic existing between the internet and network. So if you plan of buying a wireless router, it won’t be easy to choose one because of so many choices. Hopefully, this article can help you in making a good decision on how to choose a wireless router.

First thing and foremost, check the wireless standard that you might need. Wireless routers are manufactured to support various wireless standard, like 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11n and 802.11g, so which among them do you prefer to use? From the list, 802.11g comes as the mature standard while 802.11n is the most up-to-date wireless standard.

However, it has been suggested to choose for 802.11g as it can support 55Mbps bandwidth. It can also be used on 802.11b products as they both use similar radio frequency. It means to say that 802.11g is allowed to talk using a wireless adapter with 80.11b. Only that, 802.11b/g faces the same problem of interference when used on electronic devices that mainly utilize 2.4GHz, as its radio frequency. Otherwise, it can greatly affect the strength of the wireless signal. As with the router 802.11n, this can still be finalized by the IEEE. Its speed is expected to be ten times faster than the wireless router with 802.11g with its wide coverage. If in case you want to purchase, pay more with its inexpensive price.

The next thing you must ensure is the wireless router’s compatibility with wireless devices. Always take into account of how you will plan to deploy a wireless network, what devices you have and other things you plan to buy when you choose the wireless router.

Furthermore, you should also enable encryption on the wireless router so choose a router with WAP encryption. It would be best to choose one with support from WPA2 as it allows only authorized users with the correct key in joining the network. Your network bandwidth can be prevented from being stolen by strangers or neighbors. Also take note not to use WEP encryption, if you still have better options. This encryption can easily be hacked with the use of hacking tool that’s freely available on the internet.

There are still important security features you must pay attention to when choosing a wireless router. Look for a router that will provide a firewall feature! It can have its additional protection on your own network. If in case you get a wireless router with inspection support from the state, it would be best. A “stateful inspection firewall” will be responsible in the inspection of state connections that will provide better capabilities in order to drop any malicious traffic. In addition, you can also check the MAC, URL, IP address as filtering features. These security features are common nowadays, but you can just check it to be sure of the wireless router.

For sure, you learn something from this article with all those things that you need so you won’t find it hard when it comes time on choosing a best wireless router!

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