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Why do I have to wait 10 seconds afer resetting the router?

One of the things the tech support people say is "Please unplug your router and wait ten seconds before plugging it again”. Why is this?

It’s very common to talk to the tech support guy and listen to the famous “Please unplug your router and wait ten seconds before plugging it again". However, most people don’t know why you have to wait. So, is this just some tech support protocol or is there a real reason behind it?

Routers are like miniature PCs, they have processors and memories, but this alone doesn’t say much. The real explanation is because every piece of modern technology uses capacitors. These are like tiny buckets of energy, small batteries that get filled with energy when the electrical current runs through them, to then lose it when the current stops.

Ten seconds is the approximate time it takes for them to be fully discharged. When that happens, the device we’re trying to reset stops working completely.

You can wait more or less, but ten seconds is the shortest possible time in which you can be sure the capacitors have been completely discharged.

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