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What is the Fastest Wireless Router?

Data networking technicians know that Internet connectivity in wired network is faster than a wireless router. Actually, a router is being used to connect the Internet from a Local Area Network (LAN) which has its connected devices, like computers. Furthermore, wired Local Area Networks use an Ethernet protocol to achieve good data communications. This bandwidth basically has its speed of 10Mb/s to 1000 Mb/s used to most computers at homes. The Ethernet basically has its duplex communication so that it can receive and send data. Internet service providers offer broadband services with maximum download speed because the common consumers on broadband technologies have slower upload speed.

Furthermore, a router starts distributing data packets in the Internet to each computer connected into it. This is done in a systematic manner with the use of electrical switches. While it switches its data packets, its maximum rate can determine the Local Area Network’s operation. If there are computers connected in the router, usually there exists a traffic jam. So using an Ethernet cable to connect with your Internet Service Provider would not slow down Internet connection.

With wireless networks, IEEE 802.11 standard is the most commonly used protocol. In the past few years, it has had revisions with 802.11n as the latest version. In theory, it can work for 300Mb/s while 802.11B version can work up to 11Mb/s. Wireless routers, on the other hand, can provide connectivity using a half-duplex protocol making them slower than wired Ethernet connections. But still, there are other factors that can slower wireless networks than wired networks such as data processing overheads and signal. The signal is exposed to risk due to local interference from electrical equipment. It can degrade the performance of the wireless network. If it degrades, it’s now the time for the wireless router to correct data error while maintaining the data’s integrity. It can slow down the Internet connection and causes delay upon the data’s distribution.

If you will use wireless protocols in data encryption, an additional processing of data is required to limit its performance with latency delays. Actually, hard-wired networks won’t need encryption of data packets as they are secured in buildings. While wireless networks basically cover areas which aren’t secured, hence, the data must be encrypted in order to secure it from hackers or unauthorized users.

So for Internet connectivity’s better performance, use wired cable as much as you can as it allows physical security. It also allows a faster performance while it still remains inexpensive. Another good point for wired cable is that it’s not vulnerable to any electrical interference rather than using wireless connectivity.

In general, if you would entirely use computer just for gaming, it’s better off to use a wired cable network for Internet connection. It can also be used even on real-time collaboration or voice over IP, while the wired cable network is connected in the Internet Service Provider. Or if you want, you can feel free to read more of wireless router articles to search for the best, fastest wireless router!

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