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TP-LINK TL-PA8010, new PLC capable of offering a bandwidth of 1 Gb/s

The PLC have been out for quite a while; these devices can use our home’s electrical wiring to, for example, transmit data without any additional installation. Most models today offer speeds of 300 Mbps, and 500 to 600 Mbps for the fastest models.

The upsides are obvious, but there are also certain downsides like the interference the electricity produces, how dependent they are on the quality of the installation or many other that can affect your device’s speed. TP-LINK has now introduced the TL-PA8010, one of the first PLC capable of offering 1 Gbps of speed.


With these speeds, and even if there are interferences or the common issues of these devices, the speed really makes you consider ditching your Wi-Fi network and instead use your home or office’s electrical wiring. The maximum range of this PLC is about 300 meters. They render the power outlet they’re connected to completely useless, though, something that can be avoided by attaching a female power plug, but this isn’t possible if you have a PA8010.

They will hit the market by the end of March, although its official release price is still unknown.

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