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TP-LINK M5350, modem / router 3G handset

For professionals on the go, in the home or on vacation, using and sharing a 3G internet connection will be a child’s play. TP-LINK uses the new device M5350 in Italy, a real 3G hotspot that’s portable and compact, with SIM card slot and lithium battery.

After inserting SIM card with data into the device any, a Wi-Fi hotspot that can share the 3G connection with up to 10 WiFi devices connected simultaneously will be instantly created. Support for the latest 3G standard transmission, allows the M5350 TP-LINK to achieve download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps and uploads up to 5.76Mbps, offering users smoother and faster web browsing. With its powerful 2000mAh battery, the M5350 can operate for 6-7 hours at its full capacity and be recharged simply by using a micro USB cable connected to a laptop, or the included portable charger adapter. Battery performance is a key factor in ensuring the actual mobility of the product.


The design resembles a pebble eroded by the sea, and is a winner of two prestigious awards: the IF Design Award 2013 and the Red Dot Design Award 2013, ensures the device is solid, resistant to minor bumps and elegant. The weight (92.5g battery included) and size (94×56.7×19.8mm) give the user maximum freedom of use.

The integrated OLED display allows the user to get control the operation, the signal intensity, type of network (2G/3G), status of the Wi-Fi, the number of active users, messages, status of the Internet connection, status of the battery, and auto mode and traffic statistics. The traffic statistics data allow you to keep the volume of data exchanged under control.

The product includes the ability to insert a Micro SD memory card with capacity up to 32GB, allowing all users who use the 3G network device to access the data contained in it as if it were external USB storage. Very useful, for example in a meeting where you want to share a presentation, or to share photos of a holiday with friends. TP-LINK M5350è is available in Italy at 99.90 EUR.

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