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The 4G of D-Link router offers the connection sharing 4G

Networking solutions provider puts on the market, preferred priced at 239 dollars (VAT included) a router designed to take advantage of 4G networks.

D-Link today introduced the router 4G DWR-921, aimed at users who want to take advantage of its mobile network 4G to connect from your home or office avoiding having to rely on a broadband line.

Easy to set up and the preferred price of 239 dollars (VAT included), works with networks of operators, so that the user only has to insert your SIM card 3G / 4G and select the mobile operator. It has 4 ports Ethernet LAN and WiFi N to connect all kinds of equipment and share access to the Internet, without the need to register them on the operator as an additional device.

To be dual-band-compatible 3G, if it detects that the 4G connection is weak or that fails, it automatically switches to 3G mode. In addition, it operates as a neutral router to connect Internet access broadband from a modem/router ADSL/fibre/Cable and the "failover" feature that the connection to the Internet, never miss since if the broadband connection fails it will automatically activate access for 3G / 4G and vice versa.

This LTE router from D-Link is equipped with two detachable GSM antennas for optimal reception of 3G / 4G, as well as with the latest in network security, such as Dual Active Firewall and encryption Wireless to prevent the unauthorized use of bandwidth.

Mobile networks 4G/LTE are already deployed by the major Spanish cities by several operators and it is expected that in 2014 the definitive implantation is carried out.

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