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The router, a possible source of insecurity

At home, appliances as reliable as the computer, router, game console, phone or tablet often communicate by wire or wirelessly. The rule behind this is the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which is extremely useful because it allows the user to easily play favorite music or videos and use internet services without effort or trouble. But keep in mind that the router can be a gateway for external threats.

From experience, we know the factory specifications of UPnP routers can be applied erroneously, punching holes in computer security. But the scope was unknown until last January, when US-CERT, the U.S. government agency for computing, issued a stern warning. It was based on a study showing that, worldwide, about 50 million networkable devices could be the target of a foreign attack. This included printers, video cameras, media servers, smart TVs or any home routers used to connect to the internet.

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