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We simulate the performance of the D-Link DIR-868L with the 500 MB service from ONO

The company ONO announced recently their new 500 MB download speed connection in Spain, the first of its kind in the country. Many are wondering if the router they have can support this speed or if they’ll find bottleneck. In this article, we’ll show the performance of the D-Link DIR-868L with this 500 MB connection.

All of the D-Link DIR-868L’s Gigabit Ethernet ports support up to 1000 mbps, so the 500 mbps speed shouldn’t pose a problem. However, the performance of networks that go from the LAN to the WAN make the connection go through the NAT, which means the speeds are slower than a LAN to LAN connection.

D-Link DIR-868L

To improve the performance, this router features NAT via hardware. To simulate the performance of the router with a 500 MB connection, we’ve done the same as past tests: We used a computer to simulate a remote server (WAN) with Jperf installed, and another one in the LAN with the same program.

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D-Link DIR – 868L (AC1750): the best router Wireless AC

It is just a few days ago we had the opportunity to make a complete analysis of the new router DIR – 868 L (AC1750) from D-Link, a product which, as we say in that article, is one of the best on the market in its category, not only because of its high level of performance, but also because it is a clear commitment for the future.

Yes, it is one of the best wireless ac router, but not only do we think this, but also the prestigious online publication SmallNetBuilder, where they qualified it as the best device in its category globally.

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