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What is WiFi 802.11ac and what makes it so fast?

The new 802.11ac WiFi standard aims to give greater speed to your wireless network. Here is how it works and what are its advantages, and some compatible devices and, of course, if it really delivers what it promises.

The WLAN standards regulate the speed and type of data transmission by radio waves. Currently, the standard n (802.11n) is the most common, with speeds ranging from 150 to 600 Mbps. The new technology ac (802.11ac) increases the theoretical speed to 1300 Mbps.

However, the speed attainable in practice is significantly less.

What other advantages offers this standard?

The components used in the standard ac consume less power, which is good for battery-operated devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

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Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Better Speed and Wireless Range: Tests

Wi Fi 802.11ac, mayor velocidad y cobertura inalámbrica: pruebas

The standard 802.11ac is now being implemented in various devices and there are now many companies already releasing products with this feature. This standard works in the 5 GHz band and notably improves the performance of the Wi-Fi N in the same frequency.

D-Link, a company known for its networking solutions, has released routers compatible with this technology, and even a USB adapter for devices not compatible with it, and, also, compatibility with Wi-Fi b/g/n. We’re talking about the D-Link DWA-182.

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