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World’s 1st Touch Screen Wireless Router: Securifi Almond review

Overview of Securifi Almond wireless router

Securifi Almond is one of its own kind and world’s number one wireless router and range extender (also called booster). The best thing about this router is its touch screen that facilitates you to setup and manage it without connecting to a computer. While its design is expedient, its Wi-Fi signaling is also stable.

 Securifi Almond

As you know, everything that has something good also has a bad face and in case of Securifi Almond wireless router the bad fact is, its interface, which is fine for basic setup but for advanced settings, you may not find it suitable without a computer. However, not everyone may consider it, as a failure because advanced users will definitely love its bright, clean, and 2.8-inch wide touch-screen to configure this wireless router.

Technical Specifications:

· Purpose: Securifi Almond is not only a single-band wireless router but it can also be used as a range extender (booster) or wireless bridge.

· Setup: You can easily setup this wireless router without a computer. Its compact but intuitive touch-screen offers you the facility to configure it quickly and easily.

World's 1st Touch Screen Wireless Router

· Compatibility: It is compatible to a large range of operating systems and devices as a router. It is compatible to PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, and XBOX as a wireless router. In addition, it is compatible to a variety of existing routers as a range extender. As a range extender, it is compatible to Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, etc.

· Internet detection and stability: It automatically detects the internet connection. In addition, its Wi-Fi signaling is very much stable to get you a break free internet experience.

· Networking features: Securifi Almond is a Wireless Router, Wireless Range Extender, Wireless Access Point, and WiFi Repeater. It has three ports (Two LAN plus one WAN).

· Data transfer: This single-band wireless router works on IEEE 802.11bgn data link protocol. In addition, it has the data transfer rate of 2.4 GHz and 300 Megabits per second.


Securifi Almond comprises of an array of features that include the following:

· Design and setup: Securifi Almond wireless router, as the name suggests is a router but its unique and intuitive design does not let it look like a router. It has a bright touch-screen, which enables you to configure it through a web interface that does not even need a computer.

· Functioning: This wireless router has total 3 ports. One WAN and two LAN; WAN enables you to contact with Internet and LAN allows you to connect with connected devices. It automatically detects the signals that are stable.

· Security: In terms of security, you no need to worry about. Securifi Almond wireless router comes with a unique name and a random name (SSID) and a preset password. Moreover, a recorder in Google’s location tracking database cannot use it.

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3 Thoughts on “World’s 1st Touch Screen Wireless Router: Securifi Almond review

  1. w. healy on March 14, 2013 at 12:06 am said:

    i set the almond up as a range extender as shown. I keep getting a message that says the almond is unable to connect to my router. My laptop and my i-phone connect with no problem. Any ideas?

    • nagaraj.gobburi on August 28, 2013 at 11:46 am said:

      tap on software/firmware icon and check for latest update, it should show R196 somewhere.

      Now plug out almond, plug out your router and then plug out your modem if you have. wait for one minute and turn modem on first and wait for 1 min till its LEDs are stable (if any), plug in your router and wait 1 min till its LEDs are stable. Now turn on almond and connect as repeater. It will work!

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