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Linksys launches its new Wi-fi product series

For wireless network lovers or simply for those who search for a new access point or router for their homes, Linksys has, since today, a new product series. Between the models to choose from we find the AC 1200 Wi-Fi, N600 PRO Wi-Fi, N300 Wi-Fi and the RE6500 and RE4000W. These last two, with double Cross-Band technology, provide more powerful signal intensity due to them being designed for b, g, n and ac networks.

Given the rising demand for Wi-Fi connectivity due to the use of tablets, cellphones, television or multimedia players, the arrival of new products which include this technology and, especially in AC versions, allow users to choose from a wider spectrum of possibilities. Linksys has always been characterized for offering high quality products so with these new devices, you can be sure to have your home completely connected.

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TP-LINK Archer C5 analysis

TP-LINK Archer C5

TP-LINK broadens its connectivity solution catalog with a new router that proposes access to the next generation of Wi-Fi connectivity at a reasonable price. The TP-LINK Archer C5 is presented as an ideal product whit which to take a quality leap from the standard product that is “given” by the operators as it radically improves home connectivity.

The TP-LINK Archer C5 is a discreet design router of compact size with an acceptable material quality for its price. The combination of three 5 dBI external and three internal antennas offer omnidirectional coverage; we will also see the classic array of informative LEDs on the front, a WPS configuration button, wireless connectivity control, two USB 2.0 ports and four Ethernet Gigabit outlets.

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8 tips to maximize the security and signal quality of our router

In this article by the wirelessrouterhome team, we want to give advice that may prove very useful to you. This article has some small pieces of advice to improve the security and quality of our WiFi network and to accurately configure our router. For this article we’ve used as a reference the Asus RT-AC66U router on a computer with the Windows 7 Professional 32-bit operating system. Before we begin, we should note that the IP addresses and passwords used here are just as generic as they may be false. We mention this to avoid any possible suspicions. Let’s begin.

The first step is to access our router. In our case we’ll open a web browser and put (a totally generic URL) in the address bar. Once we’ve done that, it’ll ask us for a username and password, which in this case is "ADMIN" for both fields. If we don’t know the IP address, we’ll do the following: we’ll go to the home screen and write CMD. Once a terminal window has opened we write "ipconfig" in lowercase and without quotes. Once it’s done loading all the information we should look at where it says “Default Gateway” there to the side is where our IP address for entrance to the router is. Once we put the aforementioned username and password we’ll access the configuration menu of our router ASUS RT-AC66U.

Once we’ve accessed our router the first thing to do is change the username and password. To do this, go to "Administration" and then "System," where it shows clearly where to change both.


The next step is to change the SSID. This is the name of our network that we see when looking for Wi-Fi on a Wireless device (a smartphone, for example). Generally, manufacturers give the network a generic name, which is usually the model of the router. To change it, go to "General" tab of the "Wireless" section, which lists the SSID as ASUS (a generic name). Replace it with the name you want to give your network. In our case, we’ve used our own name, "wirelessrouterhome."

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What makes the FRITZ!Box 7490 different from other routers on the market?

In a market as crowded as routers, it’s important to know how to stand out from the competition. In that sense, the German company AVM has known how to play its cards, equipping the FRITZ!Box 7490 with features and extras that make it more interesting.

One of the first features we should highlight is its support of standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac, which guarantees a high level of performance, even though it can work automatically with devices that don’t support this standard.

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TP-Link presents its new dual-band router AC750 Archer C2

TP-Link has launched its new cordless router, the Gigabit AC750 Archer C2, able to work simultaneously on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, being compatible, in addition, with the next Internet protocol IPv6 and the standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac that, as we know, is three times faster than the standard N.

TP-Link AC750

The Archer C2 offers a wireless speed of 733 Mbps, divided into 433 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and 300 Mbps on the 2 GHz band, which lets you do intensive, demanding work without a problem—like online games or hi-definition streaming video.

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D-Link, the leader of Wi-Fi AC devices

D-Link led the Wi-Fi AC router market AC in the third quarter of 2013, according to a report about Wi-Fi equipment by the renowned organization ABI Research. This study shows that D-Link controlled 12.7% of the global market during the third quarter of 2013.


We should note that this study covers the market of Wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment sold to consumers and businesses. This market reached 139.1 million units sold in 2013.

It’s important to note that Wireless N devices still occupy the largest market share of Wi-Fi devices sold last year, although analysts at ABI Research predict that the number will gradually decrease in favor of AC Wireless devices.

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Fastest Wireless Router 2014

Wireless routers perform differently based upon the model that you are utilizing. When you are choosing a wireless router, the main thing to take into consideration will be its speed of connection and range.

If it has a long range, this indicates that the wi-fi signal is travelling over more space and is passing thru or over more objects. These are objects such as the outskirts of your backyard or as far as the farthest wing of your home.

There are plenty of wireless standards that have come about as a result of technology. However, all wireless items stick to a particular standard that is called the 802.11.

The key goal of this established standard is to make sure that wireless devices from the various product makers will operate with each other.

As wireless technology continues to evolve, the amount of data that can be moved per second continues to go up. This type of data is usually discussed in megabits. It takes eight megabits to make one megabyte. The amount of transferred data is done as megabits per second.

Here, we will the fatest wireless router of 2013 for you:

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AVM launches their first router for optical fiber: the FRITZ!Box 4080

CeBIT 2014.AVM has taken advantage of their participation in the CeBIT to present the FRITZ! Box 4080, their first router for optical fiber.

FRITZ!Box 4080

It features a dual-core processor, Gigabit WAN port, four gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports, and it supports Internet connections of up to 1 gbps.

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FRITZ!Box 7490, first test


We just received the latest router from AVM, the FRITZ!Box 7490, which becomes the only model of this German company capable of offering speeds of 1300 Mb/s and 450 Mb/s simultaneously in both 5 and 2.4 GHz bands.

Equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity, it supports VDSL, ADSL2+ and ADSL technology (to optimize the signal and compensate for possible interferences) and has four LAN Gigabit ports and two USB 3.0 ports to connect printers and various storage devices.

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D-Link will show at the SICUR their IP security innovations


D-Link has confirmed they will participate in the SICUR, where they will offer demonstrations of the new features of its portfolio of IP video surveillance and networking, focused on the development of NVR Video Recorders and network solutions.

So, once again, D-Link will be displayed as the only provider able to offer global solutions with the necessary IP infrastructure, offering the best wired and wireless solutions.

In business range we can highlight the presentation of the DCS-6915 , the first high-speed Full HD Dome Camera.


There’s also the DCS-6315, whose main novelty is the color night view. Regarding network video recorders, D-Link has surprised everyone with the NVR DNR-2060-08P, a Full HD RECORDER ideal for direct monitoring that has HDMI/VGA outputs, controls on the front and advanced features for recording and intelligent search.

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