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Netgear R6300 Wireless Router User Review

I have received the the R6300 three days ago. Before purchasing and using this one, I have had a 4 years past experience with routers, including my WNDR3700, Netgear WDR3700 and, the most recent, two Asus RT-N56. First thing I was pleased with after starting to use R6300 was how easy it was to set it all using it’s web graphical user interface.

After setting up and testing it’s range, I’ve found out that it had no issues at all covering the whole house, I could even get weak signal 20 feet outside my house.

So, it started well. After using it for few days, here are the cons and pros I’ve noticed:


– First of all, to pay attention to speed, range and performance in 5 Ghz band. I rate it as excellent, though not significantly, it does perform better than the other competing routers I’ve tried previously that are using this band. This was the most important element for me. I found out that it can provide very high download speeds that none of the other routers could handle. I was able to achieve up to 22 MB per second downloading speed at about 15 feet distance. Previous ones I’ve used topped around 10MB/sec at the same location.

– Now, the review of range, speed and performance in 2.4 Ghz band: The range is absolutely amazing. It covers my entire home, plus I can catch weak signal with even 10-15 feet distance of my home. The router is able to handle my three 1080p IP streaming at once while maintaining a good frame rate. Incredible. Though, I have noticed that some of clients experience low throughput for some reason. I would guess that older clients seem to have performance issues, maybe all it needs is a firmvare fix.

– Setup: Easy and simple for both technical and non technical users.

– There is broad range of features available for users. Guest Network, Wireless Bridge and more…


– Size: this router is approximately two times bigger than any previous I have owned. It’s quite huge considering the standards.

– Guest Network: It’s true, it IS available, but incredibly basic and simplistic. Lacks many features competitor routers have.

– Sometimes, some clients won’t reconnect after the restart.

– UI in the administration panel is looking decent, nothing special, but highly functional. Though, I had some issues with it in the beginning.


– The administration panel locks up after one minute of inactivity, after which you need to re-enter your username and password. This could be incredibly irritating, specially when you are trying to troubleshoot.

– You HAVE to install the tool on your pc, there is absolutely no option for web administration on management in the user interface.

– This is the first router I have ever used that doesn’t have WEP setting.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my new purchase. I will continue using it in the following months and if it keeps up this performance, I’ll be more than happy.

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