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NETGEAR presents the ReadyNAS 716, a NAS with a 10 Gbps Ethernet

This is the fastest desktop NAS on the market, allowing even Blu-Ray playback via local network streaming.

The new Netgear ReadyNas RN716X features two 10GBase-T ports –also known as 10 Gigabit Ethernet-. This is a NAS with a maximum capacity of 24 TB distributed in six 3.5-inch SATA bays managed by the ReadyNAS OS operating system to make it simple and easy to use.

As usual in this type of network storage devices, it supports different types of RAID configurations, either to achieve greater redundancy and data security, or a higher speed, with a combination of both features also available.

It also features 16 GB of onboard memory and a quad-core Intel Xeon E3 -1225 v2 3.2 GHz processor capable of working smoothly at all times. You can get speeds of 10Gbps, provided you use devices that support it; it can stream 150 Full HD videos at once.

Supports up to 500 simultaneous users, so it is recommended for corporate or educational environments. Its capacity can be expanded to 24 TB-86 TB with the Netgear expanding attachment.

It is now available worldwide for 4500 USD –though it can vary depending on the country-.

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