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Linksys launches its new Wi-fi product series

For wireless network lovers or simply for those who search for a new access point or router for their homes, Linksys has, since today, a new product series. Between the models to choose from we find the AC 1200 Wi-Fi, N600 PRO Wi-Fi, N300 Wi-Fi and the RE6500 and RE4000W. These last two, with double Cross-Band technology, provide more powerful signal intensity due to them being designed for b, g, n and ac networks.

Given the rising demand for Wi-Fi connectivity due to the use of tablets, cellphones, television or multimedia players, the arrival of new products which include this technology and, especially in AC versions, allow users to choose from a wider spectrum of possibilities. Linksys has always been characterized for offering high quality products so with these new devices, you can be sure to have your home completely connected.

One of the most interesting products is the RE6500 which has an extra feature that helps eliminate dead points, thanks to the use of the AC standard and Cross-Band technology that will be accompanied with 4 Ethernet Gigabit ports for those devices that lack Wi-Fi connectivity. Something that many will find valuable is that their antennas are detachable, so they can be replaced with more powerful ones.

Linksys router

Everything points towards these products being released during this month of July by major wholesalers and distributors with prices that can start at 99 dollars for the RE6500, while RE3000W and RE4000W models will be around 59 and 79 dollars respectively. An important alternative to common brands like Tp-Link, Dlink or Asus, that currently occupy commerce catalogs. We will see if the estimated prices are maintained and if the devices comply with everything they promise, as many of us are not advocates for the use of Wi-Fi networks unless it is unavoidable.

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