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I’ve lost the password of my WiFi router, How to do?

Not too long ago I changed my Internet Service Provider and, following the advice I read in the magazine, the first thing I did was changing the WiFi signal password.

The problem is that I lost the text filed in which I stored it. I have two computers in the house connected to it and they can browse the internet with no problem, but I can’t connect any other. Is there any way to retrieve my password? (RAFAEL VEDILLO)


Current operative systems store wireless network passwords to prevent the user from having to remember them every time they want to Access the Internet. Also, with Windows 8 it is possible to set locations or prioritize a connection over another. If you’re connected to your wireless network and you can Access the Internet, retrieving your password is very simple.

In Windows 8, go to Network and Sharing Center from the notifications tray, then click the WiFi network symbol. Then, click on Wireless Network Properties and select the tab Security. Check the option Show password to recover it. Please note this process only works if you can connect to the wireless network because you’re within the router’s range.

If you can’t access or you’re somewhere else, you can use software like WirelessKeyView, a simple and free program that stores the passwords of all wireless networks your computer has connected to. You can find it in their official website.

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