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How to turn a Nokia 3G Router

Today, thanks to more modern models of smartphones having support for 3G networks, it has become possible to use phones to share the connection with other tools such as a tablet, pc or web-tv. If your telephone has an adequate supply of Gigabytes, we can easily turn it into a 3G router.

Take for example a Nokia with Symbian operating system, models Anna or Belle. With a simple software, Joiku Spot Light, this becomes possible. By logging on to the official website of the manufacturer of the software in question, once you have chosen in your phone model, download the software "free" version. If you claim advanced features, you can purchase the professional version.

Once installed on your smartphone, the software is already operational. When we have the need to use your smartphone as a 3G router, just open the Applications menu of the phone and run the software. At this point the game is done, our phone becomes a router for all intents and purposes, complete with a window that shows the connection status and bytes of traffic generated.

While we sail you can also see if there are other devices which are connected through the router, and, only with the option of the paid version, you can create a protected WiFi network. In the case of the free version; however, this is not possible. More people are able to connect through our router, plus the navigation will slow, then it shall be needed to check very often connected devices and disconnect them.

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