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How to Set Up a Wireless Router?

There are lots of people who usually end up confused and frustrated when setting up a wireless router. Once they attempt to follow instructions, they only end up paying someone to do the task for them. In this article, you will learn three concepts on how to set it up yourself without using setup CD which comes along with your router. There’s also no need to use any push button or fancy gadget to make setting it up easy. These methods may be easy but won’t usually work as they even keep you isolated from understanding what’s going on. Once you make a simple mistake, you might end up stuck and would ask help from someone. Once you learn setting up a wireless router, you can now understand how to set up other wireless devices in the market such as game consoles, printers and iPads.

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The three important concepts you have to understand about wireless networking security and wireless routers are the ff:

Service Set Identifier– This simply means of the exact name of your wireless network. It would be best to give it a name after changing it from default, but the name means so much to you while to some may not. For example, it is good to use ILHMAP which means “I Love Home Made Apple Pie”.

Encryption Type– Second to SSID, you must closely understand the wireless encryption hierarchy. It will all start from Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which comes standard with G and B routers. Since computer processors speed up, the WEP is easier to crack which is why a new standard came up called WPA. WPA basically uses TKIP for its encryption type. On the other hand, you can have WPA/WPA2 that will allow you to use any type of encryption using the same password. This is a good choice when it comes on setting up a wireless router.

Pass Phrase– The third concept is known as “encryption key” or password. However, this is often confused with router’s password, which is used to log in into the router. Encryption key, however, allows a printer, computer or other device to associate with wireless router. Furthermore, WEP passwords can be generated by way of typing in a phrase or word. Usually, the result ends up with something like “18C295FcA8”. Then, you need to type hexadecimal characters in each of the device.

Now you know the three concepts involved in setting up a wireless router so putting them into use comes next. All that is left on you is to get an access with the web interface of the router and enter all parameters which have been mentioned above.

In order that you get an access on the web interface, you might still need to pay attention to these three things:

Router’s IP Address– This goes something like 192,168.2.1 or that comes in the documentation of the router.

Router’s Password and Username– These usually come along the lines of “password” and “admin”. If they don’t work, find time to search them on the search engine on “model default password and router make”. If it’s a router purchased on second hand, you need to reset it to normally get back on its default.

Same Network– In addition, you must know if your computer basically uses the same network as the IP address of your routers will be connected. If it won’t connect, it means that network devices must fall on the same network in order to make communication easier, unless they both use a specially-configured router in joining separate networks.

Now you know how easy it could be to set up a wireless router!

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