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How to Choose a Wireless Router?

Everyone loves the luxury of having an internet connection without the stress of carrying wire all about! Wireless router is what makes this possible and this technology has come to stay and grow. More than anything, the ease of access and it usefulness is unmatchable.

Wireless router allows you to share internet connection between many devices in an area. You can share connection between your phone and your computer adding your printer in the mix while not forgetting your sister’s laptop in her room plus that of your wife/husband or your wonderful teenage kid in his room who wants to surf the internet or do his homework. With advances in technology comes more sophisticated wireless router which offers increased speed to enjoy downloading videos and other large files online.

Before choosing a wireless router, here are a few things/question you need to consider or ask:

1. What is your budget considering the cost of the router? Wireless routers come in different sizes and shapes with different specifications. What is the maximum amount you want to pay for it? If you have a budget, it will be easy to buy one that is within the limits of your budget since there are different products in the market with different features too.

2. Is the wireless router brand matching that of your network adapter? This is not a real issue but to be on the safer side, you may want to give it a thought. Many times, manufacturers tend to optimize their products to work effortlessly with each other. If you are not techy enough and do not mind paying a little extra then consider getting your wireless router from the same manufacturer that provided your network adapter.

3. Is the model popular? As a rule (except for some cases), if you people are buying it en mass, it’s the manufacturers probably did it right. Rarely does a product have mass appeal without doing the core purpose very well.

4. What’s the speed? We are no more in the “Stone Age” where slow internet speed is bearable. Nowadays, we have larger files to download and upload. Everyone wants it fast and so do you. Make sure that you are buying one with a very good speed so that you can really enjoy it.

5. Is it dual band? Wireless router like 802.11n can work in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency bands. It is recommended that you go for 802.11g (Wireless-G) or 802.11n (Wireless-N) simply because they offer very good performance and very compatible with other devices.

Here we recommend five top Wireless router, it’ll helpful for you to choose a wireless router right for you.

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