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Five essential tips to increase the security of your router

increase the security of your router

It’s essential to keep our wireless network protected and secure, because intruders can do more than just stealing our bandwidth and impacting the speed of our connection; actually, your personal data, documents and other important and private stuff can be compromised, not to mention illegal uses of your IP address.

Here we will show you five essential tips to increase the level of security of your Wi-Fi router and avoid unauthorized access, which is vital for your wireless security of your home and/of workplace connection. For this article, we used a D-Link router, so you might want to check your user manual if you have a router from a different manufacturer.

Change your username and password regularly

The first security measure is probably the most obvious one, but many users still overlook how important changing the default name and password of their network is. Anyone with access to your network and a few Google searches can find the data and access your router’s control panel.

Changing it it’s as easy as clicking the Maintenance tab and then changing the password (the more complex and long the password is, the better) in the menu Admin Password.

increase the security of your router

Deactivate the SSID broadcast

SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the name of your wireless network and it can be seen by other devices. There are tools capable of finding passwords even from a mobile device, testing known patters on familiar SSID operators like Movistar or Jazztel, for example (the classic WLAN_XX). While it’s true that an advanced user can find your SSID even if you hide it, it doesn’t hurt to make it as complicated as possible for them.

To hide it, simply go to the Setup tab, then go to Wireless Network Settings and click on Enable Hidden Wireless.

increase the security of your router

Restrict remote access

Most routers have a web interface you can access from any device connected to the Internet, as long as you know the username and password. Most users keep the default configuration, making it very easy for others to access their network.

Although this option should be deactivated by default, it doesn’t hurt to take a look. You’ll find it in the Maintenance tab, under the Device Administration section. D-Link’s control panel allows you to restrict internet access to a single IP, which can be perfect for some users.

Install the latest version of your router’s firmware

Software updates manufacturers release on a regular basis are essential to guarantee the best possible performance of your router and making it as secure as possible. Firmware updates tend to address security issues and sometimes even give you new features and options in this regard. Just make sure your device is always on and not touch it until you’re sure the process is complete.

D-Link has software updates for all of their devices on their official website. After downloading the file, go to Maintenance, the go to Firmware Update and upload the file in the Update Setting section.

Change the local IP of your router

Most attacks assume your router’s IP is, since this is the default configuration of most manufacturers. Changing this may require you to also change the network options of other devices, so this is only recommended for advanced users who are truly worried about their privacy and security. You can find this option in the Setup tab, under the Router Settings section.

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