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D-Link releases the switch DGS-6608 Terabit case

D-Link DGS-6608

D-Link has released the DGS-6608, a case with eight slots and double controller, Hot Swap cooling system and redundant power supply from Terabit.

This new product is a great choice both as a network core and central switch for small and medium-sized businesses, or as a MPLS server, just like D-Link’s marketing director in Iberia, Antonio Navarro stated:

With this new case, D-Link offers the users a complete model capable of working as a complete server, from small businesses that need a simple solution, to complex multilayer solutions, of course, protecting your data in the most secure ways at all times”.

The DGS-6608 also features a flexible modular architecture that follows the most recent standards, which gives it great scalability, great port density and a high level of protection and management of your Gigabit and 10-Gigabit networks in the most secure and reliable way.

Performance-wise, it’s excellent just as the rest of its specs; thanks to the new generation Switch Fabric it’s capable of managing up to 1.152 Tbps, ensuring switching and routing capabilities. This feature along with passive Backplane architecture means the local traffic doesn’t need to go through the controller, which optimizes the speed and performance of the network.

Its versatile modular design offers different possible configurations, like a maximum capacity of up to 288 Gigabit 1000BASE-T ports, 288 Gigabit PoE ports, 288 SFP ports for optic fiber connectivity and up to 96 10- Gigabit ports.

Like we said before, the high availability is assured thanks to the combination of two different controllers and eight redundant Load Sharing power supply modules. The modules also feature heat-extraction capabilities and redundant cooling.

Another great feature about the DGS-6600 is the advanced features such as the VRRP, OSPv3, RIPng, IP Multicast Routing (PIM), DHCP Server, or MPLS, BGP4 or MBGP, for example, without adding additional licenses.

Lastly, it’s important to note that this switch case includes a series of features that make it environmentally friendly and low resource-consuming, part of the D-Link Green program to protect the planet. It’s capable of activating the power saving mode automatically, it has many tools to configure the power saving modes as well as smart fans and PoE connectivity with a time-based power saving mode.

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