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D-Link DAP-3310: Outdoor Access Point with Wireless N and PoE

D-Link has released a new Wi-Fi N access point geared specifically for outdoor use. The new model is known as D-Link DAP-3310 and its main feature is its particular performance/cost ratio and multiple configuration modes.

This new access point features a 10dBi high-gain antenna with Wi-Fi N and incorporates a second antenna (although we do not know its gain) to achieve speeds of up to 300Mbps in the 2.4GHz band. Thanks to this high-gain antenna, it can get long-distance connections with good signal quality. It is also compatible with the 802.11b/g standard.

Configuration modes supported by this access point:

  • Access point.
  • Customer Wi-Fi
  • Repeater
  • WDS
  • WDS with AP
  • WISP Client
  • WISP Repeater

Thanks to all of these configuration modes, we can use this device anywhere. This new device also incorporates two Ethernet 10/100 ports for wired connections.

Like all outdoor access points, this device supports PoE technology, powering the device via the network cable itself to facilitate installation, especially outdoors.

D-Link DAP-3310

The D-Link DAP-3310 supports multiple SSID , you can configure up to 8 of them. It also has 802.1Q VLAN Tagging, to segment traffic and increase performance and safety. It also features WLAN Partition, a feature that isolates the Wi-Fi clients so they can’t see each other, providing greater security when connecting to the network.

This new system supports all types of encrypted WEP , WPA and WPA2 . The web management can be done via HTTP and HTTPS, and can also be managed via SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3.

The D-Link DAP-3310 is also noteworthy for its small size and weight of only 350 grams. It’s also IPX6-certified, so it’s capable of resisting any weather conditions outside.

This new equipment is now available in stores for 95 Euros.

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