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D-Link committed Wi-Fi AC technology and invites you to get to know it.


The Internet has become essential in our homes and has opened up a world of possibilities. We can use it for work, play, learn and enjoy multimedia content, among many other things.

Wi-Fi access has allowed to comfortably bring Internet to every corner of the House, but the result was not always all that should be satisfactory. Dead or poor reception areas and low speeds are some of the most common problems that we are facing trying to convert our home in a "multimedia world” completely wireless.

D-Link is aware of these problems which, ultimately, end up affecting the user experience and prevent us from fully enjoy Internet. Therefore, the well-known company has decided to bet on its new range of products by technology WiFi AC, a standard that offers speeds of 1.3 Gbps and can operate in the 5 GHz frequency, much less saturated than the 2.4 GHz band.

The above is in the higher performance and a full experience to use Internet from various devices, keeping a perfect signal in any corner of our home thanks to the BeamForming technology. I will now leave you enjoy video

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