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D-Link Cloud Storage 2000 Sharecenter DNS-327L Review

D-link DNS-327L

Allowing you to access your files from a network, without having to use external hard drives, is one of the best features NAS (Network-attached Storage) devices can offer. These devices, commonly used by businesses, are becoming more and more popular for home users.

Today we will review one of the D-Link Sharecenter series devices, one of this series of NAS designed with home users in mind. The D-Link Sharecenter DNS-327 is the latest model of the series. Thanks to the mydlink Cloud platform, you can create your own personal cloud and access your files from anywhere, even from your tablet or smart phone, thanks to its app available for Android and iOS.

Considering these devices tend to offer limited space (between 8 and 32 GB), accessing your files remotely without saving them can be a godsend.

Design and connectivity

Before taking a look at the specs of the D-Link Sharecenter DNS-327L, let’s take a look at its design. It’s made from white polycarbonate, much like the older MacBooks, and it’s small and light enough to fit everywhere. Thanks to its two bays, you can install two disks (not included) just by pressing a button and removing the upper cover.

D-link DNS-327L

It’s very quiet, and even though the fan can be heard, it’s not annoying at all. Since a NAS is designed to be turned on all the time, this is excellent. It also has one USB 3.0 port to connect external devices to it as well as an Ethernet Gigabit port to connect it to your router.

D-link DNS-327L

Installation and configuration

Installing the D-Link Sharecenter DNS-327L is very simple; after connecting it to your router, you just have to install the software to configure it with the help of a wizard. You can also install various extra utilities like one to make automatic backups or another one to use the NAS as an FTP server, hosting a blog, using as a multimedia streaming platform (with an iTunes server included) or even download files via P2P (perfect for torrents).

In short, the possibilities are endless and you can configure them all with just a few clicks. You can also create different users each one with several levels of control.

To access the NAS’ web interface –which is intuitive and very well designed-, you have to use a 192.165.1.x address (much like a router), but if you link your device to the Mydlink Cloud platform, you can access it from anywhere. You can also do this from the mydlink AccessNAS app, available for free for Android and iOS, like we said.

D-link DNS-327L

In regards to storage options, you can install two hard drives in RAID 1 mode (mirror) to automatically duplicate the content between one and the other so one of them fails. You can also use them in standard mode, JBOD or RAID 0. In our tests, we could transfer a file to the NAS at 93,2 MB/s, while downloading a file from it was done at 76,8 MB/s, acceptable figures but still far from the most powerful devices on the market.


With a 178-dollars price tag, the D-Link DNS-327L is excellent for those looking for a NAS to use at home. Its size and design, along with its specs and the possibility to create your own personal cloud, make it a very attractive device, not to mention is intuitive and very easy to use.

It’s not as inexpensive as we were expecting, though (especially if you don’t have an external hard drive), especially considering other similarly-priced alternatives exist that offer some other features this NAS doesn’t.

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