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Cisco LINKSYS EA4500 Wireless Router Review

For many getting the right Wi-Fi router for home use can be difficult because one need to have all the prior information about its features, range, and signal strength and so on. And it is Linksys which is one of the best Wi-Fi router providers in market today. No one can go wrong with its new Linksys EA4500 packed with advanced features and stylish design.

LINKSYS EA4500 Review

Linksys EA4500 is the latest and more refined model of the Linksys EA series. This model has a speed of 450Mbps which is great for streaming videos, sharing files and all those applications which require high bandwidth speed, be it a 5GHz or 2.4GHz band. It comes with a USB 2.0 port which can host as a printer. The USB when used as an external storage device for its network attached storage (NAS) function has the capacity to host 50guest clients making the router as a fast processor for network storage. The router has Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) feature button along with a reset button. This model uses wireless-N technology which creates robust signal that travels faster and at wider range with minimum dead spots to provide you the best network for use no matter how far you are from the router at home.

The new Linksys ea4500’s now come with Cisco connect cloud firmware which before used a classic web interface and Cisco Connect software. The Cisco connect firmware makes it easier and organized for users to run the router, access the apps (router features) and change the router settings which are highly customized than before. And with this firmware the router cannot be administered without the user having a Cisco Connect Cloud account and will be connected with Cisco all the time.

The design for Linksys ea4500 is more attractive than previous routers by Linksys. It is more sleek, classy and stylish with its glossy finish and smooth flat top which gives an expensive look to it. It is very affordable to buy (costs around $170) and need less maintenance which makes this model worth buying.

Now this router does have some bad like users do need to have live connection to make Cisco Connect Cloud account and to access, control and manage its features and settings. And also the settings for the router cannot be changed if the Cisco connect cloud portal is down. But the good in router outweighs the bad with its high performance.

Overall Linksys ea4500 is an affordable and excellent choice for Wi-Fi at your home. The router is a great blend of feature, range, speed, design and so on. It is easy to set-up, run, and access and manage with very low maintenance and affordable price. And is a right choice for any household with its great functionality and features.

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