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Broadcom announces the first chips for WiFi 802.11ax

Broadcom has officially announced the first compatible chips with the 802.11ax standard, also known as “Max WiFi”.

With the arrival of every new standard in wireless connectivity, we know some of our readers might get confused and won’t precisely get what WiFi 802.11ax is exactly, so before starting, we’ll give you a simple explanation.

WiFi 802.11ax is the new wireless connectivity standard set to improve spectral efficiency, which translates to big advantages that especially affect highly populated environments.

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Devices capable of recognizing human gestures via WiFi in development

http://s01.s3c.es/imag/_v0/225x250/8/0/a/wifi.JPGResearchers have developed a system capable of detecting and recognizing human gestures using WiFi signals. Unlike systems based in visual gesture recognition, like Kinect, systems with this new technology will allow the user to control several different appliances and devices, such as a TV, a refrigerator or a video game console, simply with a hand gesture from anywhere in the house.

Gesture recognition systems have truly been a revolution in the entertainment industry. These kinds of systems, such as Microsoft’s Kinect, allow the user to play video games without a controller, since the player’s body acts as one. Now, with Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, Kinect will play a much bigger role, since it’s not only used for video games, but it can also control the console’s different apps, like the TV.

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