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Best Budget Laptops under $400


Discovering a portable laptops that cater everyone need is a tough job nowadays. There is a variety of users who demand laptop machines of their choices with specific features and within reasonable prices. Laptop marketing experts reveals that the people are highly interested in buying notebooks that meet a fundamental necessity for people and make everyday life batter. However, there are some great laptops and notebooks in the market that are available with moderate prices.

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-inch

Acer Aspire E-Series laptops are wonderful choices for buyers, with an attractive design and plenty of appealing options. With many color choices, textured metallic finish, and various enhanced components, Aspire E5-575-33BM makes day-to-day life better. More importantly, it features 7th generation Intel Core i3 7100U Kaby Lake processor, HD 620 integrated graphics, Full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels, backlight keyboard, and latest technology USB 3.1 Type-C. Usually, you would find out the 1366×768 pixels under $400 laptops that are much lower than that of Aspire E5-575. Full HD display enable sharper pictures but the screen lacks IPS technology that provides touchscreen functionalities and wide viewing angles. Belonging to the latest 7th generation Kaby Lake processors family, the Aspire i3-7100U offers a much improved performance than its 6th generation predecessor and is better cope with 4-k multimedia contents playback. Also, this plastic-clad laptop has 4GB DDR4 Random Access Memory (RAM), 1TB Hard Disk Drive, pre-installed Windows 10, and Bluetooth 4.1. Due to its amazing power, Aspire E-15 easily performs word processing, web browsing, and video streaming. Generally, this laptop is the best fit for home users who performs normal computing activities. On the other hand, if the user needs to be done more demanding tasks, such as multimedia creation, he needs to get a Core i5 or i7 powered laptops. As for as the gaming, Intel HD graphics 620 is only for basic or mid resolution games. It is not compatible with high resolution 3D games such as “Witcher 3” or “Assassin’s creed Syndicate”. Moreover, 4GB RAM is too small to perform heavy multitasking, but it is probably fit for everyday users. The notebook is also equipped with an optical drive (DVD writer), as well as with stereo speakers and web camera with 720p. Furthermore, the notebook is packed with backlit keyboard with sports numeric-pad along with track-pad having integrated buttons.

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AVM launches their first router for optical fiber: the FRITZ!Box 4080

CeBIT 2014.AVM has taken advantage of their participation in the CeBIT to present the FRITZ! Box 4080, their first router for optical fiber.

FRITZ!Box 4080

It features a dual-core processor, Gigabit WAN port, four gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports, and it supports Internet connections of up to 1 gbps.

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Why do I have to wait 10 seconds afer resetting the router?

One of the things the tech support people say is "Please unplug your router and wait ten seconds before plugging it again”. Why is this?

It’s very common to talk to the tech support guy and listen to the famous “Please unplug your router and wait ten seconds before plugging it again". However, most people don’t know why you have to wait. So, is this just some tech support protocol or is there a real reason behind it?

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I’ve lost the password of my WiFi router, How to do?

Not too long ago I changed my Internet Service Provider and, following the advice I read in the magazine, the first thing I did was changing the WiFi signal password.

The problem is that I lost the text filed in which I stored it. I have two computers in the house connected to it and they can browse the internet with no problem, but I can’t connect any other. Is there any way to retrieve my password? (RAFAEL VEDILLO)


Current operative systems store wireless network passwords to prevent the user from having to remember them every time they want to Access the Internet. Also, with Windows 8 it is possible to set locations or prioritize a connection over another. If you’re connected to your wireless network and you can Access the Internet, retrieving your password is very simple.

In Windows 8, go to Network and Sharing Center from the notifications tray, then click the WiFi network symbol. Then, click on Wireless Network Properties and select the tab Security. Check the option Show password to recover it. Please note this process only works if you can connect to the wireless network because you’re within the router’s range.

If you can’t access or you’re somewhere else, you can use software like WirelessKeyView, a simple and free program that stores the passwords of all wireless networks your computer has connected to. You can find it in their official website.

How to know if there are any unauthorized users on my wireless network?

It’s annoying when I am working on my computer and suddenly, for no apparent reason, I couldn’t connect to our internet. Besides being annoying, such problems can entail great security risks, vulnerability to data theft, fraud, malware downloads on your equipment and even criminal acts under your Internet account.

The first thing to do is protect your home network by configuring your wireless router to use WPA or WPA-2. This procedure may vary according to your service provider; it is necessary to read the instructions in the documentation for your router.

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How to Set Up a Wireless Router?

There are lots of people who usually end up confused and frustrated when setting up a wireless router. Once they attempt to follow instructions, they only end up paying someone to do the task for them. In this article, you will learn three concepts on how to set it up yourself without using setup CD which comes along with your router. There’s also no need to use any push button or fancy gadget to make setting it up easy. These methods may be easy but won’t usually work as they even keep you isolated from understanding what’s going on. Once you make a simple mistake, you might end up stuck and would ask help from someone. Once you learn setting up a wireless router, you can now understand how to set up other wireless devices in the market such as game consoles, printers and iPads.

Video, How to Set Up a Wireless Router?

The three important concepts you have to understand about wireless networking security and wireless routers are the ff:

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Netgear R6300 Wireless Router User Review

I have received the the R6300 three days ago. Before purchasing and using this one, I have had a 4 years past experience with routers, including my WNDR3700, Netgear WDR3700 and, the most recent, two Asus RT-N56. First thing I was pleased with after starting to use R6300 was how easy it was to set it all using it’s web graphical user interface.

After setting up and testing it’s range, I’ve found out that it had no issues at all covering the whole house, I could even get weak signal 20 feet outside my house.

So, it started well. After using it for few days, here are the cons and pros I’ve noticed:


– First of all, to pay attention to speed, range and performance in 5 Ghz band. I rate it as excellent, though not significantly, it does perform better than the other competing routers I’ve tried previously that are using this band. This was the most important element for me. I found out that it can provide very high download speeds that none of the other routers could handle. I was able to achieve up to 22 MB per second downloading speed at about 15 feet distance. Previous ones I’ve used topped around 10MB/sec at the same location.

– Now, the review of range, speed and performance in 2.4 Ghz band: The range is absolutely amazing. It covers my entire home, plus I can catch weak signal with even 10-15 feet distance of my home. The router is able to handle my three 1080p IP streaming at once while maintaining a good frame rate. Incredible. Though, I have noticed that some of clients experience low throughput for some reason. I would guess that older clients seem to have performance issues, maybe all it needs is a firmvare fix.

– Setup: Easy and simple for both technical and non technical users.

– There is broad range of features available for users. Guest Network, Wireless Bridge and more…


– Size: this router is approximately two times bigger than any previous I have owned. It’s quite huge considering the standards.

– Guest Network: It’s true, it IS available, but incredibly basic and simplistic. Lacks many features competitor routers have.

– Sometimes, some clients won’t reconnect after the restart.

– UI in the administration panel is looking decent, nothing special, but highly functional. Though, I had some issues with it in the beginning.


– The administration panel locks up after one minute of inactivity, after which you need to re-enter your username and password. This could be incredibly irritating, specially when you are trying to troubleshoot.

– You HAVE to install the tool on your pc, there is absolutely no option for web administration on management in the user interface.

– This is the first router I have ever used that doesn’t have WEP setting.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my new purchase. I will continue using it in the following months and if it keeps up this performance, I’ll be more than happy.

Linksys EA6500 Wireless Router Review- AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300)

Key Features

Life moves on. As your use of WI-Fi and other devices getting on the rise, always be in touch with the most recent technology for wireless like Linksys EA6500 Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) to derive maximum outcome. Here are the key features of the product:

• You can operate the stored information and modify your personal home network from any part of the country through a browser or mobile apps.

• This Wireless Router possesses latest devise of 802. 11AC Wireless Technology.

• The final speed of this technology is 450N plus 1300AC Mbps

• The dual USB ports at the same time allocate storage and printers.

• High power amplifiers are used for the final range.

• SpeedBoost mechanism is used for enhancement of the strength of the signal.

• SPI Fireall and WPA2 Encryption have been combined to offer the best result.

• Four 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet ports are meant for speedy wire links.

• The media server certified by DLNA has made the product highly acceptable.

• The product features Quality of Service for agreeable HD video for providing backing the storage of data.

• This Wireless Router is enabled by IPv6.

Advantages of the Product

Linksys EA6500 Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) can be used anytime and anywhere with the access facility to your Wi-Fi devices. So it gets your wireless network to the subsequent height with the most recent technology. It is perfect for optimizing home network with the help of mobile apps. It is also useful to network multi-rooms in a house or home theater. What’s more, it is also suitable for swift Music files and Streaming HD Video. It is again useful for linking multiple users as well as devices like game consoles, Blue-Ray players, Smart phones, tablets etc.

Cisco Connect Cloud offers you the latest mode to get connected with the devices in your home. With the help of the Account of Cisco Connect Cloud, you can do multiple of actions. Get Easy Internet contact to set high controls. Plus the recent library apps is now available that delivers quick control of your Wi-Fi devices at home.

The limitations of the product

Linksys EA6500 Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) features the speediness but the users might have to bring up to date the firmware to arrange the router as it is the most intricate router to set up. Moreover, it requires internet entry to Linksys to set up the router.

‘AC’ standard of the router is not extensively accessible yet. You would have no means of testing it to verify the speeds. Some other features of the Router seem nice, but seem to be limited to many other apps of cell phones.

Linksys EA6500 Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit (R6300) powered by Cisco Connected Cloud offers you a new experience of home connecting device. With this device you can have an easy access to your own network at home. It allows you to insert a well-suited phone to your own network without even typing your password. Press the button on the router, swipe the “Simple Tap Card” on your phone, and you’re instantly connected.