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Broadcom announces the first chips for WiFi 802.11ax

Broadcom has officially announced the first compatible chips with the 802.11ax standard, also known as “Max WiFi”.

With the arrival of every new standard in wireless connectivity, we know some of our readers might get confused and won’t precisely get what WiFi 802.11ax is exactly, so before starting, we’ll give you a simple explanation.

WiFi 802.11ax is the new wireless connectivity standard set to improve spectral efficiency, which translates to big advantages that especially affect highly populated environments.

Since it’s more efficient and it uses advanced technology, such as MIMO, MU-MIMO and OFDMA, this standards will not only offer higher speeds (up to 4.8 Gbps), but also a better user experience when having simultaneous connections.

Is an advance like this really necessary?

Without a doubt. We always have more devices connected wirelessly at home, and according to recent studies, by the year 2022, a standard family of four will have around 50 connected devices.

To all this, we have to add that bandwidth consumption has also increased, and it won’t stop in the coming years, thanks especially to all the online storage and high definition streaming services.

Broadcom has announced three new chips, fully compatible with this standard: BCM43684, BCM43694 and BCM4375. The first one is a retail-based solution for casual customers, while the second is aimed towards a more profesional market.

Finally, the third chip is for mobile devices that also includes Bluetooth 5.0+ and Low-Energy Long Rage connectivity.

Soruce: Broadcom

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