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6 Ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Does it happen to you often that when you take your laptop or tablet into a room or area of your home, you notice how the Wi-Fi bars drop significantly?

That is one of the most common problems today, and it has such simple solutions that you’d be surprised.

Moving the router or making some minor changes are some simple ways to boost your Wi-Fi connection, and we indicate it here in these 6 tips.

Check them out, apply them and tell us how it went.

1 – Move the router

Surely when you installed the router, you simply reached for some free plug rather than thinking that this little device emits a signal that must be distributed as evenly as possible, hopefully to cover all the home area. Then that’s the error. Try to improve that, by placing it in a central area of the house.

This improvement may require the purchase of an Ethernet cable, so keep that in mind when trying to change it. The other is to check with your carrier, to make a more professional change, and find out if there are associated expenses.

2 – Buy a second router

A second router is another good way to correct your poor Wi-Fi connection problem. This can be achieved by a signal repeater.

So then, connect the two LAN ports of the equipment and then configure them, a situation that could become complicated if you have very old models.

3 – Invest in equipment

Buying antennas for your router is a good way to boost your wireless internet, in case it doesn’t have one.

Another option is to buy a repeater, which may even be a better option than a second router, but it’s not as easy to configure.

Finally, you can also buy another router with greater power and reach.

4 – An Economic Option

If you do not want to spend money, then you can rejoice that there are simpler and cheaper options, by using foil aluminum antennas.

Yes, just as you read it. To do this, you can create a screen shaped antenna, similar to a satellite or parabolic, and put it behind the router antenna. This will broaden your signal and reroute it. This has also proven to be equally effective with beverage cans.

5 – Change the Wi-Fi channel

Routers commonly work on channels 1, 6 and 11. Sometimes they can be saturated, so it would be good that you shift them around a bit.

To detect the occupied channels and change to an empty one you can use certain programs. One that is highly recommended is inSSIDer, available for free download on their website.

It gives you a series of parameters, but you must look for the desired channel. Then, you can go to settings and change it accordingly.

6 – Upgrade the firmware

Routers also require updates, just as a computer or a smartphone, but many times we ignore this and we don’t perform the needed maintenance, which could be harming your connection with time.

To do this, just go to settings and check the manufacturer’s website for updates. Download it and install it on the router’s interface.

Entering the router configuration mode varies by model, but it is usually accomplished by typing the address bar of your browser.

You must also have the username and password, which also changes by manufacturer. The default is admin and 1234, but it is something that you can ask the manufacturing company or the ISP provider if it has been changed for obvious safety reasons (your neighbors would have access to it).

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